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Spooky Forest


Carved Lore

In 1930 a circus made camp on an old unknown burial ground. There the performers were exposed to an evil that lurked, waiting for a chance to escape. Local lore suggests the existence of the dark entities was brought forth by a local witch who was said to use the old burial ground for power to bring the Devil into this realm. As the circus performers wandered about the camp, the demonic spirits found an opportunity to possess the physical world in an unsuspecting way, as who would suspect a bizarre circus performer to be possessed when they had already fallen into the realm of the strange and disturbing. The demons carved into the souls of the performers, embedding their evil presence from within. As the circus decamped and continued on to the next town, so too did the demons. Moving across the country, spreading evil and possessing unsuspecting patrons of the circus. Beware, you may think you are in the presence of a performer until it’s too late.

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